Candlelight Ceremony

The ceremony was very fun. I had a great time watching the fathers work in unison, lighting the candles. It's very interesting how everyone came together tonight. Isabel still hadn't gotten my note. I wonder what had happened to it. It doesn't matter though, I told her in person and it made her laugh. I have also received a camera from an unknown sender. I'm not quite sure how to use it yet. Hopefully I will figure out how to develop pictures on it soon.

The actual ceremony went very well. The only thing that went wrong was a little bit of chaos behind Gatewood V. It seems a large group of dead animals, torn apart, were found in the vicinity. I went to go check it out, but Father Weston asked for my assistance in getting the ceremony ready. When I attempted to ask Father Enoch later, he dismissed the question with a wave of his hand, and lectured me on how I should focus my mind more on studying than on trivial matters of dead animals. I did sense a little hindrance underneath that aggravation.

Back to the camera, hopefully I will figure out how to process it to here. It states that it is DIGITAL. Hmm. Cords, clips, pieces, and cylinders. If Father Enoch sees this it shall definitely be confiscated. I'll make sure I hide it in a very secluded area.